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Managed Services
in a Month

Managed Services in a Month

3rd Edition - January 2018

By Karl W. Palachuk


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OR join the Small Biz Thoughts Community and get it for free!

Hey Karl! I just signed my first MSP client. $3100 / mo. I've been break/fix for 10 years now. I'm hoping to migrate all of my clients within the next 3 months! Your book was our Bible (my business partner and I). Thank you so much for the amazing material!

Build a Successful IT Services Business in 30 Days!

The ultimate do-it-now guide to getting started in Managed Services.

Whether you’re a NEW Computer Consultant or an experienced technician making the move to managed services, this is the perfect book for you!

The book includes step-by-step instructions for creating service offerings, reformulat-ing your business, creating service agreements, and more!

Should You Become a Computer Consultant?

It’s not too late! YOU can get into Managed Services — in a month.

All you need is a little guidance and how-to instruction. As Karl says, lots of people have done this and you can, too.

Even if you decide not to become an MSP (managed service provider), this book is full of great advice about taking stock of your business, “weeding your client garden,” adjusting your prices, and other best practices for the SMB Consultant.

This book is guaranteed to improve your business. Thousands of people have taken the challenge and become MSPs in a month — and so can you!


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Managed Services in a Month

Build a Successful, Modern Computer Consulting Business in 30 days - 3rd Edition

  1. What’s Different About Technology Consulting Today?
  2. The Latest Servers and Options (circa 2017)
  3. Cloud Computing in the Small Business Space

  4. New Consulting Business vs. Existing Business
  5. Managed Services in a Month
  6. Break/Fix and Hybrid Models
  7. Managed Services and Cloud Services

   8. Start Making A Plan
   9. Starting Fresh with No Clients to Convert 
   10. Per User vs. Per Device Pricing 
   11. Create A Three-Tiered Pricing Structure

   12. Building a Catalog of Services
   13. BDR and Backup 
   14. VOIP, Signage, Security, and More

   15. Weed Your Client Garden and Finish The Plan
   16. Write a Service Agreement; Have It Reviewed
   17. Print Up Your New Pricing Plan
   18. Overcoming Objections
   19. Desktops and Managed Service Revisited

   20. The Cloud Service Five-Pack
   21. Building a Bundle that Works
   22. Killer Combo: Managed Services and Cloud Services

   23. Client Sit-Downs 
   24. The Meeting
   25. After the Sale

   26. The Right Tools for the Job 
   27. Final Thoughts: Managed Services in a Month
   28. Key Points to Remember for Profit 
   29. One Final Note: Self-Interest Properly Understood

The new edition is loaded with information that’s useful for any new computer consultant or new technology consultant. Whether you are a new consultant interested in managed services, or an experience IT Pro who want to switch to managed services, this is the book for you!

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Managed Services in a Month: Applying the Book

Whether you’re a new “Computer Consultant” or an experienced Managed Service Provider, you need to create successful processes that will propel your company forward. Nothing is more critical to making profit than having the right processes and procedures in place!

This course is designed to walk you through the process outlined in the book. AND your registration includes a free copy of the book in e-format.

About Karl

Karl W. Palachuk has been an IT Consultant since 1995 and is one of the pioneers of the managed services business model. He is the author of 19 books, most of which are also available as audio books.

He is the host of the SMB Community Podcast and maintains four blogs, including Small Biz Thoughts and Relax Focus Succeed. Karl has owned several small businesses, including two very successful Managed Service companies in Sacramento, CA.

He received his first Microsoft certification in 1995 and his first MCSE in 1999. He was an active, hands-on Systems Engineer until January of 2017.

Karl has been a featured speaker at conferences and seminars over the last ten years. He is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with a Bachelor’s Degree from Gonzaga University and a Master’s Degree from The University of Michigan. He is also a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, and is an original member of Microsoft’s Small Business Specialist Advisory Panel.

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